Alicia N. Rambaldi

School of Economics, The University of Queensland. Australia

Current Grants

Measuring the Commercial Real Estate Sector in Australia (2022 - 2024). Chief Investigators: D. Melser (Monash), A.N Rambaldi (UQ), R. Hill (U Graz). Funding: Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project

An Integrated Demographic and Transport Demand Modelling Framework (ID-TDM (2019 - 2022)) Investigators: J. Corcoran, P. Wohland-Jakhar, J. Cooper, E. Charles-Edwards, A. Bernard, S. Lieske, A. N. Rambaldi, C. Prato, J. Kim. Funding: iMove Cooperative Research Centre

How reliable are Purchasing Power Parities from the World Bank? (2017-2019). Chief Investigators: DS Prasada Rao, A.N Rambaldi, Gholamreza Hajargasht (Swinburne University). Funding: Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project

Predicting the Value and Use of Urban Land (2018- 2021). Funding: Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant. Investigators: A N. Rambaldi, Madeleine Tan (Rosa L. Matzkin, International Collaborator). Partner Organisation: Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria

Recently Completed Grants

Econometric Modelling of Housing Prices and their Relationship to Climate Adaptation Issues (2012-2014). Chief Investigator: A. N. Rambaldi. Partner Investigators: Ryan McAllister (CSIRO) and Cameron Fletcher (CSIRO). Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project

Construction of Consistent Panels of Real Gross Domestic Product and its Components at Current and Constant Prices (2009-2013). DS Prasada Rao, A.N Rambaldi and HE Doran. Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project Website:

Costs and Coasts: An Empirical Assessment of Physical and Institutional Climate Adaptation Pathways (Nov 2011 - Dec 2012). Ryan McAllister (CSIRO), A.N. Rambaldi , Cameron Fletcher(CSIRO) and Brich Taylor (CSIRO). National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) - Climate Change Adaptation Research Grants Program (ARGP)